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High energy six piece Celtic folk band from South Wales led by accordionist Jamie Smith. The band are a popular live act on the arts centre/festival circuit for their spirited live performances.

Iolo Whelan of the band has sent us this new updated profile of the revamped group;

You may be aware of the band’s developent this year, or if not, you may
have guessed by now!  Mabon has disbanded, and a new band, under the new
title “Jamie Smith’s MABON” is picking up where Mabon left off. There is
one personnel change in the form of Adam Rhodes on bouzouki, who
replacesDerek Smith on guitar. Another development in the band’s sound is the
inclusion of some vocal tracks to augment the existing instrumental

Live at the Grand Pavilion
Live at the Grand Pavilion

"An excellent calling card for the band and a good demonstration of the energy levels they are capable of generating in concert."

3-5 out of 5

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Saturday at Titley Jazz, 26/07/2014.

Saturday at Titley Jazz, 26/07/2014.

The second day of the festival with performances from groups led by Clark Tracey, Jim Mullen, Art Themen and Don Weller plus a closing set from the Peter King / Mornington Lockett Quintet.

Friday at Titley Jazz, 25/07/2014.

Friday at Titley Jazz, 25/07/2014.

Ian Mann enjoys the first day of the fifth Titley Jazz Festival with performances by the Brownfield/ Byrne Quintet, Peter King/Dick Pearce Quintet, Steve Waterman, and Anita Wardell.