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U.K. Exclusive Premiere of Scott Gray’s ‘Someday’ Video via The Jazz Mann.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

U.K. Exclusive Premiere of Scott Gray’s ‘Someday’ Video via The Jazz Mann.

Nashville, Tennessee musician (Adult Contemporary / Jazz / Singer - Songwriter), Scott Gray is releasing his new video “Someday” via The Jazz Mann.

Nashville, Tennessee musician (Adult Contemporary / Jazz / Singer - Songwriter), Scott Gray is releasing his new video “Someday” via The Jazz Mann. I’m indebted to Scott’s publicist, Tom Brumpton, for supplying the following content;

U.K. EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of Scott Gray’s ‘Someday’ Video via The Jazz Mann

Nashville, Tennessee musician (Adult Contemporary / Jazz / Singer - Songwriter), Scott Gray is releasing his new video “Someday” via The Jazz Mann!

Taken from his new EP ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’, which was released exclusively in the U.K. and Europe on March 22, 2019. The EP has been remastered and also includes a new bonus track called “As If”

True to the title, ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ features stories and personal experiences that Gray wrote in hopes that he will connect with his listeners. His focus and dedication to host his listeners through a journey to articulate life has resulted in a sophisticated sound accompanied by a collection of well-told stories. “I think for anyone who is passionate about music, the personal experience is part of the enjoyment for them. We are all looking for connection. I want them to feel like they were included – a part of the process,” says Gray.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated with stories. Stories always swept me away to another place and time and I loved feeling connected to its characters. Our ability to use our imagination is a very powerful thing and I knew that one day, I wanted to be a story-teller myself. That’s basically what ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ is; a collection of short stories that I fashioned in my mind (with small bits of real life peppered in between). I purposely wanted to write with such vivid imagery that the listener couldn’t help but be taken away to some other place in their own minds and connect with the characters and in many cases, to ultimately be connected with each other. Maybe that’s what I like about the idea of storytelling the most, its ability to connect us. After all, isn’t that the point of it all?” - Scott Gray

“Someday” is currently spinning on radio stations throughout the U.K. and Europe. The video for “Someday” can be found here:

Furthermore, Scott recently stopped and had a chat with The Jazz Mann about his new video and his process!

1. “Someday” is a beautiful song about waiting for one’s true love. We were also told your wife is in the video? Is the video about your personal love story?

I’ve been told that a lot and I’m very humbled by everyone’s response. In terms of my wife, yes, Nicole makes a rather sizable appearance in the video, but “Someday” was not inspired by our personal story. Just like the other songs from my current album, “Someday” was a story that I made up. However, if there is any personal inspiration behind it, my long-time dream of pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter was the real backstory. The core of this tune is really the pursuit of a dream, whatever that dream may be and how sometimes those dreams can feel so out of reach.

2.  What was your favourite part about filming the video (besides having your lovely wife in it)?

You definitely nailed the right answer, filming with Nicole was certainly the best part. It made the entire process so much more comfortable for me. I’m pretty shy in front of a camera. Other than the obvious answer, shooting in New York City, Central Park specifically, was magical; to look around and see all of those towering columns of architectural masterpieces. I think I just love the duality of city-meets-nature. It’s just one of my favourite places.

3. You are based in Nashville, TN but obviously the setting of the video is in New York City (which makes sense since Central Park is also mentioned in the song). What is your connection to NYC?

I honestly have no direct tie to New York. The big connection and my main draw is my love for the beat and tempo of NYC. Please don’t misunderstand me, Nashville is my home and I really do think it’s one of the best places on earth. But I think the style of my first album, overall, just felt so New York to me; and I think a lot of people can definitely connect the dots between my music and the style of the city.

4. How do you approach writing a song? Do you get inspired by personal experiences or do you like to make up scenarios?

Although I don’t have a set approach to writing, most of the time a song is inspired by some obscure riff that I stumble upon. Sometimes, I just like to sit at the keyboard with no intent at all and just let my fingers move. It’s typically in that process that a riff is born. There have even been times that one of my boys (I have two sons) is plunking around on the keys and I hear something interesting. I’ve written a couple of tunes that way, believe it or not. Lyrically, I’m inspired by so many different things, even something as simple as a picture in a magazine can spark an idea or a story line. This current album really is a collection of short stories. It was fun to allow these stories to evolve organically. Of course, there are bits of real life sandwiched in between.

5. What do you hope listeners will take away after hearing “Someday”?

I never really want to put thoughts in someone else’s minds when it comes to my work. I think that part of the beauty of music is that we can participate in the “creation” of the story by interpreting the message in a way that fits us best. But selfishly, I do hope that listeners can reach beyond the ‘love song” nature of this story. As I mentioned earlier, this song is really about dreams and how often those dreams can feel so far away. For someone, that dream might be finding their one true love. For someone else, that dream might be starting a business that influences real change. Regardless of the dream, we all reach a point of saying, “When will this happen?” or “Will it ever happen?” It’s just natural for us to wonder, “When will Someday get here?” It’s just part of the human experience. Maybe if all of us “dreamers” can realize we are on similar paths, we will find courage to keep at it and to know that we all have something to fight for. So, I hope this song can help us feel connected knowing that others are going though similar challenges in reaching those dreams.

‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ is available now. For more information on Scott Gray, please visit his website at


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