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606 Jazz Club, Chelsea, London, listings for July 2018.

Friday, June 22, 2018

TEL: 020 7352 5953 / EMAIL : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / WEB:

Sun 1st 8:30 - Liane Carroll & Friends - vocal/piano-led modern jazz feat. Roger Carey-bass; Russell Field-drums

Mon 2nd 8:30 - Duncan Lamont’s Birthday Gig - sax-led jazz sextet feat. Simon Wallace-piano; Andy Hamill-bass; Steve Taylor-drums with Special Guests: Tina May & Esther Bennett-vocals + Surprise Guests

Tue 3rd
8:00 - Tom Cawley’s “Catenaccio” - piano-led modern jazz quintet feat. Fini Bearman-vocal; Gareth Lockrane-flute; Robin Mullarkey-bass; Chris Higginbottom-drums
9:45 - Simon Purcell - piano-led modern jazz trio feat. Amy Baldwin-bass; Jon Scott-drums £12

Wed 4th 8:30 - Purdy - vocal-led singer/songwriter band feat. Jamie McCredie-gtr; Tim Sentance-pno; Tom Moore-bs; Dan Western-drums £12

Thu 5th 8:30 - John East Project - organ/vocal-led jazz septet feat. Nigel Price-gtr; Dave Lewis-sax; Scott Baylis-trpt; Dan Hewson-trombone; Steve Pearce-bass; Mark Fletcher-drums £12

Fri 6th 9:30 - Beverley Skeete & Friends - vocal-led jazz/groove quintet feat. Nial Tompkins-gtr; Adam Saunders-piano; Greg Harewood-bass; Geoff Dunn-drums & Special Guests: Kevin Leo-vocals

Sat 7th 9:30 - Giacomo Smith & Smitty’s Big 4 + 2! - sax/clarinet-led mainstream jazz quintet feat. Pete Horsfall-trpt/vcl; Dave Archer-guitar; Will Barry-piano; Will Sach-bass; Shane Forbes-drums

Sun 8th 8:30 - Nina Ferro - vocal-led jazz/Groove band feat. Ross Stanley-piano; Nial Tomkins-guitar; Simon Little-bass; Jack Pollitt-drums & Niamh McNally-vocals

Mon 9th 8:30 - Kelly O’Brien - vocal-led Groove/R&B band feat. Frank Walden-sax; Dave Oliver-pno/kybd; Dave Ital-guitar; Neil Raymond-bass; Paul Jones-drums & Emily Farrar & Amy Bone-vocals £12

Tue 10th 8:30 - Simon Mulligan - piano-led modern jazz feat. Frank Walden-sax; Andy Hamill-bass; Justin Woodward-drms £12

Wed 11th 8:30 - **CD Launch** Neil Angilley - piano-led Jazz/Latin trio feat. Davide Mantovani-bs; Davide Giovannini-drms

Thu 12th 8:30 - **606 Club Special** Mo Pleasure’s Birthday Gig! - bass/pno/trpt-led jazz/groove feat. Luke Smith-kybd; Jamie Michael Harris-sax; Mike Brown-gtr; Jack Pollitt-drms; Tuca Milan-perc; Lois Graham-vocals & Special Guest: Ivy Chanel-vocals + Surprise Special (Birthday) Guests! £15

Fri 13th 9:30 - Victoria Newton - vocal-led Latin/Groove band w. Paul Booth-sax/flute; Tim Lapthorn-pno; Georgio Serci-gtr; Davide Mantovani-bass; Ernesto Simpson-drums

Sat 14th 9:30 - Bruce Lester Johnson - vocal-led jazz quintet feat. Ed Jones-sax; Mike Gorman-pno; Neville Malcolm-bass; Matt Skelton-drums

Sun 15th 8:30 - Closed for Private Event

Mon 16th 8:30 - Trio Manouche - gypsy jazz trio feat. Simon Harris-gtr; Ducato Piotrowski-gtr; Nick Pini-bass and Special Guest: Quentin Collins-trumpet

Tue 17th 8:30 - Georgia Cecile - vocal-led modern jazz quartet feat. Sean Gibbs-trumpet; Euan Stevenson-piano; Calum Gourlay-bass; Max Popp-drums

Wed 18th 8:30 - Jo Harrop - vocal led mainstream jazz quartet feat. Alex Hitchcock-sax; Will Barry-pno; Harry Sankey-gtr; Joe Downard-bass

Thu 19th 8:30 - David Gordon - piano-led modern jazz trio

Fri 20th 9:30 - Samara - Latin/jazz quintet feat. Steve Rubie-alto sax/flute; Liliana Chachian-vocals; Neil Angilley-piano

Sat 21st 9:30 - Julian Marc Stringle - clarinet/sax-led modern jazz feat. Jacqui Hicks-vocal; Dominic Ashworth-guitar; Neil Angilley-piano; Chris Dodd-bass; Mike Bradley-drums

Sun 22nd 8:30 - Dana Gillespie and The London Blues Band - vocal-led blues band feat. Dino Baptiste-pno;Jake Zaitz-gtr; Mike Paice-sax/harmonica

Mon 23rd 8:30 - Louise Golbey - vocal-led jazz/groove/originals feat. Adam Rust-keybd/pno; Matt ‘Mafro’ Waters-guitar; Neal Flynn-bass; Lee Levent-drums

Tue 24th
8:00 - Dan Reinstein - sax-led modern jazz quintet feat. Shanti Jayasinha-trumpet; Tim Lapthorn-piano
9:45 - Dill Katz - bass-led modern jazz trio feat. Leon Stenning-guitar £12

Wed 25th 8:30 - **606 Club Special** “All Fired Up” - 14 piece band tribute to Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire feat. Derek Green-vocals; Trevor Barry-bass; Dave Arch-piano/kybd; Tim Cansfield-guitars; Tom Walsh-trpts; Karlos Edwards-perc/vocal; Andrew Small-drums £17

Thu 26th 8:30 - **606 Club Special** Peter Ind’s 90th Birthday Celebrations - bass-led modern jazz with Special Guests £12

Fri 27th 9:30 - Wayne Hernandez - vocal-led 7 piece Groove band feat. Michael Brown-guitar

Sat 28th 9:30 - **606 Club Special** Greg Abate - sax-led modern jazz quartet feat. Craig Milverton-piano; Sandy Suchodolski-bass; Nick Millward-drums

Sun 29th 8:30 - Sara Dowling & Atila Huseyin “Isn’t It a Lovely Day” - vocal-led jazz quintet feat. Gabriel Latchin-pno; Dario Di Lecce-bass; Steve Brown-drums

Mon 30th 8:30 - Niamh McNally - vocal-led Groove/Indie band feat. Simon Carter-keybd/pno; Nial Tompkins-guitar; Phil Mulford-bass; Jack Pollitt-drums

Tue 31st 8:30 - Adam Glasser - harmonica-led jazz/township sextet feat. Josephine Davies-sax; Mike Outram-guitar; Daisy George-bass; Corrie Dick-drums & Chris Batchelor-trumpet £12

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