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606 Jazz Club, Chelsea, London, listings for June 2019.

Friday, May 24, 2019

TEL: 020 7352 5953 / EMAIL : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / WEB:

Sat 1st 9:30 - Giacomo Smith & Smitty’s Big 4 - sax/clarinet-led mainstream jazz quintet feat. Joe Webb-organ; Dave Archer-guitar; Will Sach-bass; Alfonso Vitale-drums

Sun 2nd
1:30 - Lunchtime Special: Anjali Perin - vocal-led mainstream jazz quartet feat. Nick Pini-bs; Emiliano Caroselli-drms
8:30 - **CD Launch** Zoe Francis “Blue Town” - vocal-led modern jazz trio feat. Ross Stanley-organ & Jim Mullen-guitar

Mon 3rd 8:30 - Todd Sharpville - guitar-led blues feat. Zoot Money-piano/kybd; Nic France-drms & Mo Pleasure-bass

Tue 4th 8:00 - Royal Academy of Music Exam Night

Wed 5th 8:30 - Rob Luft/Mike Outram - guitar-led modern jazz quartet feat. Misha Mullov-Abbado-bass; Corrie Dick-drums

Thu 6th 8:30 - Earl Okin - vocal/guitar-led Bossa Nova/jazz feat. Simon Woolf-bass; Michelle Drees-drums

Fri 7th 9:30 - Wayne Hernandez - vocal-led 7 piece Groove band feat. Michael Brown-guitar

Sat 8th 9:30 - Closed For Private Event

Sun 9th
1:30 - Lunchtime Special: 606 Gospel Group feat. Andre Gabriel & the 606 Gospel Group Singers
8:30 - Georgina Jackson - vocal/trumpet-led mainstream jazz feat. Gabriel Latchin-piano; Dave Chamberlain-bass; Matt Home-drums

Mon 10th 8:30 - London Saxophone Festival: Derek Nash - sax-led modern jazz quartet feat. Pete Adams-piano; Phil Scragg-bass; Mike Bradley-drms

Tue 11th 8:30 - David Gordon - piano-led modern jazz trio feat. Oli Hayhurst-bass; Paul Cavaciuti-drums

Wed 12th 8:30 - Steve Buckley - sax-led modern jazz feat. Mike Outram-guitar; Steve Watts-bass; James Maddren-drums

Thu 13th 8:30 - John Crawford - piano-led Jazz/Latin quintet feat. Guille Hill-gtr; Andres Ticino-perc; Alec Dankworth-bs; Simon Pearson-drums with Special Guests: Linley Weir-vocals

Fri 14th 9:30 - Shez Raja’s Journey to Shambhala - bass-led jazz/groove band feat. Vasilis Xenopoulos–sax/flute; Pascal Roggen-violin; Alex Stanford-kybs; Chris Nickolls-drms with. Monika Lidke-vcls & Special Guest: John Etheridge-gtr

Sat 15th 9:30 - Brandon Allen Sextet - sax-led modern jazz feat. Sam Mayne-alto sax; Mark Nightingale-trombone; Tim Lapthorn-piano; Sam Burgess-bass; Chris Higginbottom-drums

Sun 16th
1:30 - Lunchtime Special: Greg Davis - sax-led mainstream jazz feat. Paul Eldridge-piano; Julian Bury-bass & Vanessa Rose-vocals
8:30 - Sara Dowling - vocal led modern jazz feat. Gabriel Latchin-pno; Dario Di Lecce-bs; Steve Brown-drums

Mon 17th 8:30 - Dan Torres - vocal-led groove/contemporary band feat. Richie Aikman-guitar/vocals; Will Looms-guitar; Sonny Winslow-bass; Ally McDougal-drums/vocals

Tue 18th
8:00 - Dan Reinstein - sax-led modern jazz quintet feat. Shanti Jayasinha-trumpet; Tim Lapthorn-piano
9:45 - Dill Katz - bass-led modern jazz trio feat. Leon Stenning-guitar

Wed 19th 8:30 - **606 Club Special** Sheryl Bailey - guitar-led modern jazz feat. David Gordon-piano; Simon Woolf-bass; Paul Cavaciuti-drums £14

Thu 20th 8:30 - David Rees-Williams - piano-led modern jazz trio feat. Neil Francis-bass; Phil Laslett-drums

Fri 21st 9:30 - Lex Cameron - vocal/kybd-led Groove band feat. John McKenzie-bass; Richard Bailey-drums & Susan Allotey-vocals

Sat 22nd 9:30 - Gilad Atzmon - sax-led modern jazz feat. John Turville-pno; Yaron Stavi-bs; Enzo Zirilli-drums

Sun 23rd 8:30 - Anita Wardell - vocal-led modern jazz feat. Robin Aspland-piano; Jeremy Brown-bass; Steve Brown-drums

Mon 24th 8:30 - Quentin Collins - trumpet-led jazz/groove quartet feat. Andrew McCormack-piano; Laurence Cottle-bass; Jamie Murray-drums

Tue 25th 8:30 - Vimala Rowe - vocal-led jazz quartet feat. Charlie Flint-pno; Giazonne Reyes-bs; Marco Quarantotto-drms

Wed 26th 8:30 - Luna Cohen’s “Brazilian Jazz Night” - vocal-led Brazilian/Jazz quartet feat. Sam Watts-pno; Rob Luft-gtr; Matheus Nova-bass; Marius Rodrigues-drums

Thu 27th 8:30 - **606 Club Special** “All Fired Up” - 14 piece tribute to Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire feat. Derek Green-vocals; Trevor Barry-bass; Dave Arch-piano/kybd; Tim Cansfield-guitars; Tom Walsh-trpts; Karlos Edwards-perc/vocal; Andrew Small-drums £20

Fri 28th 9:30 - Samara - Latin/jazz quintet feat. Steve Rubie-alto sax/flute; Liliana Chachian-vocals; Neil Angilley-piano

Sat 29th 9:30 - Alex Hitchcock - sax-led modern jazz quartet feat. Ant Law-guitar

Sun 30th 8:30 - Jeremy Sassoon - vocal/piano-led jazz/groove feat. Alexander Bone-saxes; Richie Aikman-guitar; Jasper Wilkinson-bass; Pat Illingworth-drums

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Sunday at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 05/05/2019.

Sunday at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 05/05/2019.

Ian Mann on performances by Vula Viel, Yazz Ahmed, David Sanborn, Hanna Paulsberg, Madeleine Peyroux and two exceptional 'Trios With A Twist', one from Cuba, the other from France.

Saturday at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 04/05/2019.

Saturday at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 04/05/2019.

Ian Mann on performances by Paris / Birmingham Jazz Exchange, Alfa Mist, John Surman's Brass Project, Dan Weiss & Starebaby, Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya, Vels Trio, Joshua Redman and Michael Formanek.