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An appeal from Cath Roberts.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cath Roberts writes;

I have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for my upcoming Favourite Animals large ensemble album…

To briefly explain the story so far…
During my artist residency at Lancaster Jazz Festival last year, I was commissioned to create some new music. I decided to use the opportunity to write something for a large group. Since 2015 I’ve been focusing on my band Sloth Racket, and so with them at the core, I added some more of my favourite musicians to make a ten piece ensemble:

Graham South – trumpet

Tullis Rennie – trombone

Julie Kjær – flute/bass clarinet

Tom Ward – flute/bass clarinet

Dee Byrne – alto saxophone

Sam Andreae – tenor saxophone

Cath Roberts – baritone saxophone

Anton Hunter – guitar

Seth Bennett – bass

Johnny Hunter - drums

Fast forward to just last month, and we were able to go into the studio for three days at City, University of London, thanks to our trombonist Tullis Rennie who works as a lecturer there. We recorded all the Lancaster music – well over an album’s worth. Now I need YOUR help to finish the album and get it out there. With the crowdfunding campaign I’m raising money to cover:

the musicians and engineers’ fees

mixing and mastering the final tracks

producing CD copies of the album

Check out the campaign and support the project on Indiegogo now!

What’s next?
The plan is that we’ll put the album out on Luminous in December, when Favourite Animals is going on tour with Anton Hunter’s Article XI ensemble (more on that in a future newsletter).
Head over to the campaign page for more info, photos and a video all about the project – plus lots of perks to get your hands on. I really appreciate your support, whether it’s in the form of backing the campaign, spreading the word to your friends and colleagues, or both!

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