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Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra announce line up for GIOFEST XII plus details of new recording.

Saturday, November 02, 2019

We have received the following press release;

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra - GIOFEST XII 28-30 November.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra 12th annual festival coming up.  GIOFEST XII, 28-29 November, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art.

GIOfest XII International Festival of Improvisation

28 – 30 November 2019

CCA Glasgow 350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra host their 12th annual International festival of improvisation, at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, 28-30 November - 3 days of discussions, open workshops and concerts including their new exploration GIOxtensions.  Every concert is a premiere and can only be seen and heard at GIOfest XII!

Esteemed guests this year are US-born composer Alvin Curran, co-founder of the legendary Musica Elettronica Viva, Anne Pajunen with her multi-disciplinary SALT Variations, a new GIO collaboration with Norway’s The Kitchen Orchestra represented by John Lilya and Ståle Birkeland, and one of GIO’s most loved and influential collaborators, Maggie Nicols. Guests will join the 36 musicians who form the core of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.

Thursday 28 November

7.30pm CCA Theatre

§  GIOxtensions Concert 1 : Convergence/Stuart Brown and Steve Curtis

§  Anne Pajunen : SALT Variations for GIO

§  GIO Ensemble

Friday 29 November

5.00pm CCA Cinema - concerts

§  GIOxtensions Concert 2 : Alex South & Friends/Whale Piece

§  GIOxtensions Concert 3 : Armin Sturm Quartet/Dome Riders

7.30pm CCA Theatre - concerts

§  Alvin Curran Solo

§  Alvin Curran and GIO small group

§  Alvin Curran with GIO Ensemble

Saturday 30 November

10.30 am CCA Theatre – Children’s Open Workshop, led by Guro Gravem Johansen.  Aimed at 3 -10 years old, accompanying adults very welcome.  FREE, pre-registration advisable.

12.00 pm CCA Theatre - Open Workshop, led by Anne Pajunen. FREE, pre-registration

3.00 pm CCA Theatre - Discussion Forum: Identity, led by Corey Mwamba. FREE, pre-registration advisable.

5.00pm CCA Cinema - Concerts

§  GIOxtensions Concert 4 : George Burt & Cliona Cassidy

§  GIOxtensions Concert 5 : Sam Beagles Trio

§  GIOxtensions Concert 6 : Phonopoly / Scott Morrison & Sam Bradley

7.30pm, CCA Theatre - Concerts

§  GIO Small Group Sets, curated by Corey Mwamba

§  GIO Ensemble

TICKETS and workshop pre-registration:


GIOfest XII features US-born composer Alvin Curran, co-founder of the legendary Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV), who helped redefine improvisation and take composition and performance in radical new directions.  Curran’s music-making embraces musical contradictions (composed/improvised, tonal/atonal, maximal/minimal…) in a serene dialectical encounter. His multi award-winning works - which number more than 200 feature taped/sampled natural sounds, piano, synthesizers, computers, violin, percussion, shofar, ship horns, accordion and chorus -  have forged a singular, engaging and critically acclaimed language. He will be designing a piece from his repertoire for GIO.

Artist, instrumentalist and singer Anne Pajunen from Sweden will join with GIO to perform SALT Variations. This multidisciplinary project takes as its starting point the story of a person who saved the salt from 17 years of sorrow and is now ready to put that salt to use.  From that simple outline various collaborators in recent years have produced a Variation, to traverse the terrain of grief and fear of death, and their associated taboos. Despite the serious theme, be assured there is room for the absurd and the laughable.

GIO premieres a new collaboration with?The Kitchen Orchestra, a ground-breaking ensemble from Stavanger, Norway, with founder members John Lilya and Ståle Birkeland joining GIO to launch the new project.

Maggie Nicols makes a welcome return to GIOfest bringing her joyous virtuosity and endless creative generosity.  Maggie can be heard on the recently released Energy Being, the fruits of an earlier GIO collaboration in 2014.

A new development this year is the launch of GIOxtensions. Since it began, GIO has encouraged members to develop new ways of composing, performing and collaborating to create new work.  This has manifested itself in a range of solo, small and larger groups, performing in Scotland, around Europe and further afield. This year, we are hosting a number of events under the name GIOxtensions in different spaces in the CCA to showcase some of this exciting work.

NEW ALBUM 2019 ENERGY BEING, out on FMR Records, released June 2019.  Recorded live at CCA Glasgow 2014, Maggie Nichols joins Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, who returns in 2019.

video GIOfest 2012:

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