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Estraven - forthcoming album and UK tour dates.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Estraven, the quartet led by bassist Chris Hyde-Harrison will release their debut album "Ignored Advice" on 4th March 2022. Prior to this they will be playing live dates in January and February.

We have received the following press release;


South’s London’s finest new jazz improviser’s ‘Estraven’ to release debut album

Ignored Advice
To Be Released:
4th March 2022


March 2022 welcomes the release of ‘Ignored Advice’, the debut album from rising star quartet Estraven. Set up by double bassist Chris Hyde-Harrison and featuring the talents of guitarist Alban Claret, saxophonist Duncan Eagles (Partikel) and drummer Matt Parkinson (Howl Quartet), Estraven play songs steeped in modern jazz harmony that interweave contemporary rhythms with bewitching melodies.

Having been awarded the DYCP grant from Arts Council England, Chris Hyde Harrison delved in to the study of ‘Maqam’, the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic Music Having been drawn to the music’s use of irregular meters and captivating melodies, this period of study had a uniquely positive effect on his development as both a composer and performer and elements of Hyde Harrison’s newly gained expertise can be detected throughout Ignored Advice.

When listening to the album, the synergy between the group and a mutual understanding of each players’ specific nuances are very apparent, while still allowing enough freedom for independent flair to shine though. Combining this with the more melodic aspects of the work makes for a truly engaging listen.

Chris Hyde-Harrison regularly plays with UK stalwarts such as guitarists Alan Noel Weekes and Nigel Price and takes influence from lyricism of bass players such as Avishai Cohen, Jasper Høiby and Eddie Gomez. French guitarist Alban Claret who has toured extensively through Europe and studied with Peter Bernstein brings a unique style of phrasing steeped in the language of bebop to the record. In contrast saxophonist Duncan Eagles best known for his work with ‘Partikel’ displays a fierce tone and unbounded freedom in all his improvising. Drummer Matt Parkinson was brought onto the album for his creative playing in both jazz and various world musics.

Though firmly rooted within contemporary jazz, Estraven’s music also emanates rock overtones, echoes of world music and even some hints of contemporary classical composition. On Ignored Advice, they have channelled their varied experiences and influences in to a unique body of work that only they personally could ever create. Named after a character from the novel ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ by Ursla Le Guin. The music takes influence from both the the book’s wintry setting on the frozen planet of Gethen and from the exiled character Estraven’s selfless dedication to their cause.

Estraven inhabit their own space within the creative diaspora, navigating a broad spectrum of styles and disciplines, transforming these in to a vibrant and exciting sound that is a new proposition in today’s artistic landscape and a powerful force to be reckoned with.


Estraven are:
Chris Hyde-Harrison – Bass
Duncan Eagles – Saxophone
Alban Claret – Guitar
Matt Parkinson - Drums

Track List:

Invocation Incantation
Letters From The Frontline
Ignored Advice
A Voice Beneath
Safe Hex
Pariah’s Return
Last Mahou Shujo

Recorded At: Lightship 95, London

Mixed By: David Holmes

Mastering By: Frank Arkwright

Artwork by: Design by Chris Hyde-Harrison using batik pattern by Ann Hyde-Harrison (Chris’ grandmother).

Tour Dates:


Yellow Arch, Sheffield – Thursday 13th January 2022


Hive, Shrewsbury – Saturday 15th January 2022


Be-Bop Club, Bristol – Thursday 27th January 2022


The Vortex, London – Wednesday 2nd February 2022