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Dani Diodato’s SUNAAT

Dani Diodato’s SUNAAT, Vout-O-Reenee’s, Tower Hill, London, 20/07/2019.

Photography: Photograph by Alex Massek.

by Ian Mann

August 02, 2019


Guest contributor Natasha Franks enjoys the music of guitarist Dani Diodato and his band SUNAAT at the inaugural London event organised by the Copenhagen based pop up concert brand House of Customs.

Dani Diodato’s SUNAAT, Vout-O-Reenee’s, Tower Hill, London, 20/07/2019.

Dani Diodato – guitar, Dylan Jones – trumpet, Hugo Piper – bass, Ewan Moore – drums.

On Saturday 20th July at members’ club Vout-O-Reenee’s, the House of Customs debuted in London. Naples-born guitarist and composer Dani Diodato headlined the intimate gathering, the British inauguration of the pop-up concert brand following its migration from Copenhagen. Fittingly, Diodato’s music also placed migration in the spotlight. 

In the small, softly lit surroundings, Diodato presented his project SUNAAT, which bills itself as a musical exploration of the current experience of migration in Europe. Naples born and now London-based, Diodato seeks to achieve his project’s goals through guitar melodies, trumpet solos and electronic drum beats. The result is a cohesive sound that unifies new London and classic Naples into a singular jazz harmony. The snug space and cosy decor gave the impression of a private living room, the band playing barely a meter away from the guests. Diodato’s sound was speakeasy-like, a vibrant hum of noise that broke free of the background and commanded the audience’s full attention. 

Following stints at Glastonbury and Love Supreme Festival, Diodato has established a strong foothold in the vibrant London jazz scene. His confident image complemented the newly arrived House of Customs. In Copenhagen, the brand worked with jazz festivals and partnered with luxury venues as it developed its own voice. Judging by the London launch, it will extend its track record by showcasing artists such as Diodato. 

The audience consisted of jazz enthusiasts, attracted by the House’s focus on the night’s talent. One attendee, however, admitted that while it was his first jazz event, it would not be his last. He names the “intimate setting”,  “chilled vibe” and “personal and relaxed environment” as contributors to his overall enjoyment of the music. Another guest noted her amazement at how “in-sync and talented the artists [were] to make such beautiful jazz music.” 

Diodato and SUNAAT will be playing at the London jazz club Kansas Smitty’s on Tuesday 6th August, and again on Saturday 24th August at Bar 91 in Brick Lane, Shoreditch. It is possible that he will partner with House of Customs in the future.

In the meantime, the brand, headed by Folayinka Coker, will continue to combine London’s most luxurious venues and best jazz talent. 


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