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Barry Green-New York Trio

The Music Of Chance

Basquiat Strings With Seb Rochford

Live: Pillar Room, Cheltenham Town Hall

Bastian Stein


BATL Quartet

Brandon Allen / Tim Lapthorn Quartet, The Hive Music & Media Centre, Shrewsbury, 11/05/2019.

BATL Quartet Live

Becki Biggins Quartet

Becki Biggins Quartet, Black Mountain Jazz, Melville Centre, Abergavenny, 19/05/2019.


Holy Island


Bella Collins / Gareth Evans Duo and John-paul Gard / Phill ‘Redfox’ O’Sullivan Duo

Bella Collins/Gareth Evans & John-paul Gard/Phill ‘Redfox’ O’Sullivan, Brecon Jazz Club, 15/12/2015

Ben Bastin Trio

The Missing Piece

Ben Creighton Griffiths / Duski

Ben Creighton Griffiths / Duski, Black Mountain Jazz, The Melville Centre, Abergavenny, 26/11/2016.

Ben Crosland Brass Group

An Open Place

Ben Crosland Quintet

The Ray Davies Songbook

Ben Crosland Quintet, ‘The Ray Davies Songbook’ at The Hive, Shrewsbury, 13 /10/ 2018.

The Ray Davies Songbook Vol II

Ben Lee Quintet

In The Tree

Ben Thomas / Ed Rees Quintet

Ben Thomas / Ed Rees Quintet, Black Mountain Jazz, Kings Arms, Abergavenny, 29/11/2015.

Ben Thomas / Jim Blomfield Quartet

Ben Thomas / Jim Blomfield Quartet, Black Mountain Jazz, Melville Centre, Abergavenny, 26/11/2017.

Ben Thomas / Julian Martin Quartet

Ben Thomas & Julian Martin Quartet, Brecon Jazz Club Bar, Theatr Brycheinog, Brecon, 17/05/2016.

Ben Thomas / Julian Martin Quartet, The Muse Arts Centre, Brecon, 14/05/2019.

Benjamin Croft

10 Reasons To…

Bennett Soundy Blues Sax Quartet

Bennett Soundy Blues Sax Quartet, Kings Arms, Abergavenny, 15/11/2009

Benny Sharoni

Eternal Elixir

Beresford Hammond

The Science of Snow

Each Edge of the Field

Circle Inside the Folds

Beresford Hammond Hume

The Lightning Bell

Beresford Harries

Neutral Tones

Big Air

Big Air

Big Air, The Vortex, London,02/05/2011.

Big Bad Wolf

Pond Life

Big Chief

It Don’t Make Sense

Bill Banfield Band

Spring Forward

Billy Jenkins

I Am A Man From Lewisham

Binker Golding

Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers

Binker Golding and Elliot Galvin

Ex Nihilo

Black Top

# One

Blake Wilner Quartet


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