Winner of the Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best Media, 2019


Word of Moth

Word of Moth, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, 17/02/2017.

World Peace Trio

World Peace Trio

World Sanguine Report

Third One Rises

Skeleton Blush

WorldService Project

For King & Country

WorldService Project, The Flute & Tankard, Cardiff, 24/04/2018.

Fire In A Pet Shop

Hiding in Plain Sight

WorldService Project / Synkoke

Match & Fuse EP

WorldService Project and ReDiViDeR

Match & Fuse EP No. 3

WorldService Project and Tribraco

Match & Fuse EP No. 4

WorldService Project and Zodiak Trio

Match & Fuse featuring WorldService Project and Zodiak Trio, Dempsey’s, Cardiff, 14/10/2014.

Wynton Marsalis

He And She

Xhosa Cole Quartet

Xhosa Cole Quartet, Progress Theatre, Reading, Berkshire, 31/01/2020.

Xhosa Cole Quartet, The Hive Music & Media Centre, Shrewsbury, 18/01/2020.

Yaron Herman

Alter Ego

Yaron Herman Trio


Follow The White Rabbit

Yazz Ahmed

Yazz Ahmed -  ‘Alhaan al Siduri’ , CBSO Centre, Birmingham, 03/10/2015.


Youn Sun Nah

Same Girl

Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet


Yuriy Galkin Nonet

Nine Of A Kind

Zachary Gvirtzman

Father Tongues

Zara McFarlane

Until Tomorrow

If You Knew Her


Night Time On The Middle Passage

Zena James

Tell Me More


Zhenya Strigalev

Smiling Organizm

Never Group

Zhenya Strigalev’s Smiling Organizm

Robin Goodie

Zoe & Idris Rahman

Where Rivers Meet

Zoe Gilby

Twelve Stories

Zoe Gilby Trio, The Hive Music and Media Centre, Shrewsbury, 11/10/2014.

Zoe Gilby Trio, Wall2Wall Virtual Jazz Festival, 2020, Abergavenny.

Zoe Gilby Quartet

Zoe Gilby Quartet, Playhouse Cinema, Leominster Community Centre, Leominster, 11/03/2017.

Zoe Rahman

Live: With Special Guest Idris Rahman

Zoe Rahman Quartet

Zoe Rahman Quartet, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, 05/10/2013.

Zoe Rahman Quartet, The Edge Arts Centre, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, 28/01/2012.

Zoe Schwarz

Blue Commotion

Zoe Schwarz / Rob Koral / Ian Ellis

Slow Burn



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