Winner of the Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best Media, 2019

Alboran Trio

The Alboran Trio is a significant encounter between three individuals, each with their own approach to improvised music, three musicians who breathe rhythm, three artists, who are constantly searching for a new sound and approach to playing. The main characteristic of the Alboran trio is the successful collaboration of three personalities, working together to realize a single musical vision.

The programme is built around original compositions by the pianist Paolo Paliaga, and arranged by the trio. Rigorously acoustic in concept, the work of the musicians enhances our understanding of the vibration of skins, strings and wood. It concentrates on developing the art of melody, on interaction and spontaneous creation outside traditional genres and the main stream of swing. The result is music,which is fresh, complex and full of nuance, music that comes from a jazz background yet moves freely between Europe and Africa.