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Le QuecumBar, Battersea, London - “Life During Lockdown”.

by Ian Mann

February 14, 2021

Sylvia Rushbrooke of Le QuecumBar, London's home of Gypsy Jazz and Swing, outlines the problems facing venue operators during the Covid crisis and offers suggestions as to how fans can help out.

IAN MANN writes;

Like so many music venues around the country London’s home of Gypsy Jazz, Le QuecumBar in Battersea has been struggling to make ends meet as the results of the restrictions imposed by the Government in response to the Covid - 19 crisis.

In her latest newsletter to the venue’s friends, supporters, fans and customers Sylvia Rushbrooke outlines some of the financial problems being faced by venue operators during these difficult times.

On a brighter note she provides a series of links to enable listeners to continue to enjoy the delights of the music and to provide financial support to the venue whilst doing so.

Although I have never been lucky enough to visit Le QuecumBar personally The Jazzmann has always continued to support the venue by publicising its events and I felt that it was important for us to continue that support by sharing Sylvia’s thoughts and her listening links.

The Covid crisis has represented a terrible time for the music business and for its industry professionals, among them venue operators such as Sylvia. Everybody involved in the music industry has my utmost sympathy at this challenging time and I hope that by sharing this it helps Sylvia and Le QuecumBar in some small way.

Please help to keep Le QuecumBar and other small venues going as we hopefully ‘turn the corner’ and return to live music performances later in 2021.

And now, over to Sylvia. The following newsletter is reproduced with her kind permission.


Le QuecumBar - February 2021 - NEWSLETTER

What’s happening in lockdown @ Le QuecumBar


Government - silent on when and how we can open but we keep battling on sharing our music below

OPEN when - we do not know!

We continue to promote the joy of Gypsy Swing even whilst in lock down.

Wine, dine, and be entertained! Hopefully some time in 2021!


Dear Friends, Supporters, Fans and Customers

In such hard times I just wanted to reiterate my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported Le Q to date and give you all an update.

Until now we have no idea when we will be allowed to open or how - it is critical if and when we are allowed to open it is without restriction on our capacity - trading hours - and what we are allowed to sell - it is very clear from the past periods we were allowed to open with restrictions on our trade and income I just cannot meet the overheads.

The government we know has made a lot of noise about helping the industry but the help received to date will not cover anywhere near what we have to pay out on a monthly basis when in restricted opening or when closed.

It is also very clear that even the government’s code of practice laid down to landlords does not help us as it is voluntary.

My current landlord fails to agree any rent concession going forward to take into account lockdown and restricted trading, however they have waived the rent for lockdown but retrospectively - meaning I still do not know if Februarys rent will be waived and this is not the whole story as other overheads continue regardless of lockdown.

For all of you who wish to continue to support us and have Spotify please listen to our music as this generates a very small revenue to us some direct links below…

I am including some hot music links from our music catalogue, reminders of why I do what I have done over 18 years.

You can lighten your days and listen to our live recordings at the below links to remind you of what we are not allowed to do right now and remind you of how good live music is for the soul.

Please watch and share the video of our 9 day International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival – from 2010, celebrating Djangos birthday – a festival first for London and never been repeated.
Please take time to listen and leave a comment …wherever you are whatever you are doing in lockdown its free to watch …
Watch here:

From that festival we recorded a triple album of highlights that you can listen and share from the Spotify links below

Listen here:

The digital downloads can be purchased here:

Le QuecumBar International Gypsy Swing Guitar Festival album – 3 cds from the live event recorded over 9 days celebrating Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday – Various world renowned Gypsy Swing artists including Belgian Gypsy Tcha Limberger singing in his native Gypsy Language…

Le QuecumBar Allstars – featuring Dutch Gypsy Lollo Meir
Our very own home grown musicians came together here for 3 days to record this fabulous representation of what we do – bonus track by Dutch Gypsy Patron Lollo Meir “Melody For Le QuecumBar” This dedicated melody for Le QuecumBar was given a honourable mention in the top 13 of 15,000 world entries in the ISC, USA. A man of style, grace and humour, we are honoured and proud to have Lollo as a valued friend, patron and supporter, special thanks for his composition where he is joined by Andre Donni on clarinet and Dominiue Pierard on rhythm guitar.
Listen here:
The digital download can be purchased here

PLEASE READ and SHARE this magic around the world, spread the physical joy of live Gypsy Swing – many of you will not know we have our own record label Le Q Records – a select number of albums either recorded live here or donated tracks by some of our top musicians.

You can all help support us (whilst we are in forced lockdown) by listening to our SPOTIFY music links below of Le Q Records, our in-house label recordings…or by downloading our music or buying our CDs here:

Why CDs ? because they are a tangible product that includes all the information about the artists and the actual recording …

Listen to tracks by Patron, Hank Marvin recorded especially for us and gifted to us to help support and promote Gypsy Swing and Le QuecumBar – these were the first Gypsy Swing recordings Hank made – he donated them to me to share with all our music lovers ….access from link below where you can also listen to the whole album
Stars of Gypsy Swing double album
Listen here:

Here you will hear Hank Marvin playing Gypsy Swing – Noto Swing (NB please make link into hyperlink) from our double album Stars of Gypsy Swing – a great double album where all the tracks were donated for FREE - by our generous Patrons, to support and promote the world-wide Gypsy Swing music genre:
Digital download available here:

The Biel Ballester Trio
Woody Allen’s track from his Vicky Christina Barcelona movie by our Patron The Biel Ballester Trio live album recorded here “When I was a boy” and from our 1st and best selling album to date with over 20 fabulous tracks demonstrating Biels own take on Gypsy Swing.
Listen here:

Here is more about Biel -

Digital download here:

Le QuecumBar Live in London with Patrick Saussois and Daniel John Martin
This was the last CD Patrick recorded before his death – a great left handed guitarist with many successful albums under his own group Alma Sinti
Listen here:
Digital download here:

The Gary Potter Quartet – headed up by UKs finest Gypsy Swing player
Listen to the melodic swinging style of Gary Potter
Listen here:
Digital download here:

We will keep you updated on all our news as and when we get it. Madeleine our music booker has worked tirelessly booking cancelling and rescheduling our live music since last March lockdown as we have to book 3 months ahead.

Listen and spread the music that has brought so many of our customers so much pleasure and to remind you what we are all missing – keep live music live you can help and bring some joy back to these dark days.

Regards Sylvia and the crew


Le QuecumBar & Brasserie, 42-44 Battersea High Street, London, SW11 3HX


tel: 02077872227

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