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The Billy Jenkins Listening Club.

by Ian Mann

May 15, 2020

The "Billy Jenkins Listening Club" is a series of podcasts featuring the South London based guitarist, composer & improviser Billy Jenkins, created & curated by photographer Beowulf ‘Wulfie’ Mayfield.

Publicist Mike Gavin recently introduced The Jazzmann to the “Billy Jenkins Listening Club”, a series of podcasts featuring the South London based guitarist, composer and improviser Billy Jenkins. The podcasts are created and curated by by photographer and film maker Beowulf ‘Wulfie’ Mayfield. The following press release, forwarded by Mike, best explains the concepts behind the project, which has just completed its fourth series of six episodes, thus ensuring that there is a rich archive of typically eclectic and perceptive material for listeners to enjoy. I recently listened to the latest episode, featuring an interview with Billy’s former collaborator, trumpeter Chris Batchelor, and now look forward to digging deeper into the Listening Club vaults.



The Billy Jenkins Podcast has been growing over the last few years and is now the guitarist/composer’s main creative outlet - in some ways Billy has been practicing social distancing and lockdown for a while! These unique collages of sound and image, created by photographer and film maker Beowulf ‘Wulfie’ Mayfield, combine the philosophy and music of the man described by Stewart Lee as “the great unrecognised genius of south London”, alongside the input of musicians and commentators, to offer an exploration of life, creativity and music. A perfect antidote to the lockdown blues.


Guitarist, composer and bandleader Billy Jenkins has been a silent musician for some time now…

Muted by his over-sensitivity to sound, various proudly borne ‘industrially related’ minor, but chronic, physical and psychological issues and his bemusement over the role of the ‘heart, hand and mind’ musician in this IT online world….

But, in the last four years,  creative photographer and former jazz columnist Beowulf “Wulfie” Mayfield not only encouraged the guitarist to break his silence, but to create something unique for one who has spent his life as a sound creator - two dozen short ‘audio-autobiographical’ podcasts (or ‘Snapcasts’, as Mr Mayfield likes to call them ‘in keeping with his photographic interests…’) exploring Billy’s music, creativity, philosophy and the life of a working musician.


Each ‘stand alone episode is based around one of Billy’s recorded works or albums over the last four decades, featuring guest interviews with several close collaborators. They can be enjoyed in any order.

Average running time about 10 minutes each.

Presented by creative photographer and former jazz columnist Beowulf “Wulfie” Mayfield


Episodes of the Billy Jenkins Listening Club can be enjoyed here;


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Photograph of Billy Jenkins and Wulfie Mayfield courtesy of Mike Gavin


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