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Jazz at The Lescar, Sheffield - Programme for April and May 2024.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Jez Matthews has forwarded full details of the forthcoming regular jazz events at The Lescar Hotel, Sheffield during April and May plus a preview of events in June and July.

Jez Matthews writes;


Please find below a list of gigs in April and May. It includes a double double(!) bill gig that we’re running at Samuel Worth Chapel on Sunday 21st April.


10th April / Pocket
Peaceful, interactive and engaging music from Manon McCoy (pedal harp and electronics), Glenn Hicks (6 string electric bass), Will Shaw (drums) and Christie Smith (trumpet, flugelhorn). Improvised minimalism, intimate melodies, electric grooves, and electronics reshaping the sounds from the harp to generate new textures and emotional landscapes, with interactive and sensitive drumming and beautifully melodic trumpet/flugelhorn; delicately poised immersive music.


17th April / Anthropods + Sloth Racket DOUBLE BILL
Anthropods are led by US drummer/composer, Mark Holub (leader of acclaimed Mercury nominees Led Bib). Their music is full of contrasts, ranging from pastoral beauty to dense free improvisation, short punchy compositions and heavy grooves, played by musicians from the Vienna creative music scene: violinist Irene Kepl, bass clarinetist Susanna Gartmayer, cellist Clemens Sainitzer, and tenor sax player Jakob Gnigler.
Sloth Racket are led by baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts (Quadraceratops, Favourite Animals), with Anton Hunter (Beats & Pieces Big Band, Article XI) on guitar, with Sam Andreae (Trio Riot) on tenor sax, Seth Bennett (Metamorphic) on bass, and Johnny Hunter (Nat Birchall, Revival Room) on drums. Fiery free jazz, sparse, minimal improv, deep grooves and big riffs. Five of the most energetic and creative improvisers in the UK.

SUNDAY 21st April / Norman&Corrie + Once a Fig at Samuel Worth Chapel
Two double bill gigs, 4pm and 7.15pm.
Ahead of a brand new album, acclaimed drummer Corrie Dick (Dinosaur, Jacob Collier, and Rob Luft), is joined by one of the most exciting new voices on the UK music scene, saxophonist Norman Willmore (The Peatbog Faeries, Beth Orton). They draw inspiration from the world of Scottish folk music with a unique setup that includes drums, saxophone and organ foot pedals, weaving ancestral melodies with drones, field recordings and improvisation, and giving the tunes renewed meaning. Captivating, spontaneous improvised music.
Once a Fig create spinning, trance-like melodies that morph into electrifying groove-based tunes, with Rebecka Edlund (vocals), Phoebe Harty (cello) and Cori Smith (viola); a myriad of musical soundscapes, intertwining traditional folk melodies, original compositions and improvisation. Rebecka Edlund’s debut album, ’Något om en björk’ was nominated by Lira Music Magazine for the best folk jazz album of the year. Phoebe Harty and Cori Smith are Radio 2 Young Folk Award finalists as members of ‘Don’t Feed the Peacocks’.

24th April / NONUNONU
Nu-jazz fusion and a fresh, open and spacious original sound from this brilliant Manchester-based trio featuring Bim Williams (guitar), Andy Patterson (bass), and Ruben Sheridan (drums), plus saxophonist Callum Connell. They visit us following dates across the UK including at Manchester Jazz and International Festivals, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Esk fest, and Liverpool Jazz Festival. Vibrant and intense grooves, and free-flowing improvisation, their gig at The Lescar last year was a real highlight.

A vibrant and original collaboration between Nu Jazz duo Robbie and Ewan Moore aka BIGHEADMODE and vocalist Plumm (Moses Boyd, Taylor McFerrin), a multi-instrumentalist bandleader based in South London. Together they celebrate the music of Black Sabbath, fusing BIGHEADMODE’s celestial, jazz-infused grooves influenced by Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi, J Dilla and Kruangbin, with Plumm’s soulful, mood-driven soundscapes inspired by David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Janis Joplin. Innovative and truly exciting, a dynamic homage to Black Sabbath’s legacy.

8th May / Tom Ollendorff Trio
A brilliant trio led by one of the very best guitarists around, Tom Ollendorff, fresh from touring with US legend Aaron Parks, and a string of dates across the UK and Europe. Melodic, nuanced and sensitive, Tom Ollendorff has drawn universal praise, and is joined on this gig by a first class rhythm section Viktor Nyberg (bass) and David Ingamells (drums). Subtle, yet insistent and powerful music

Thursday 16th May / Nishla
(due to a clashing event at The Lescar, this gig will be on a Thursday)
Brand new music from an acclaimed and award winning artist, singer Nishla Smith, with an incredible band of leading new generation UK musicians; Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet/flugelhorn), Helena Kay (sax/flute), Tom Harris (piano), Misha Mullov-Abbado (bass), and Sarah Heneghan (drums). Evocative and original songs and music that draws on jazz and ideas from soul, pop and sound-design, virtuosic improvisation, and lush layered textures. This gig is part of a UK tour that also takes in London’s Ronnie Scotts. A riveting performer with a powerful sense of narrative and brilliant band.

Coming up:
22nd May / Shirley Smart Trio
29th May / TBC
5th June / Universal Time
12th June / Radhika de Saram Quartet
19th June / Josephine Davies, Martin Pyne and David Beebee (Espial)
26th June / TBC
3rd July / Claire Cope

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