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John Scofield Solo at The Jazz Cafe, Camden, London.

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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John Scofield Solo


Wed Jan 19 2022
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway Camden Town
London NW1 7PG


Sco returns to the Jazz Cafe with an intimate and highly personal solo guitar show to mark the New Year.

The artist explains the creative concept in his on words:
“My main focus in guitar playing has always centered around being part of a group; exploring the music that happens when musicians listen to each other and improvise together.
Quite frankly, until now, I’ve avoided playing solo concerts. I still have occasional nightmares about playing Greensleeves for my sixth grade class! It gets pretty lonely up there by yourself and I hadn’t considered solo guitar as the perfect platform for improvising.
Not to mention that I’m no Segovia either! All that said, after playing guitar for 56 years, I’m finally interested in going it alone and exploring the possibilities. It’s taken me decades to realize that I’ve been playing unaccompanied guitar at home or in hotel rooms every day since 1962! I’ve put a lot of thought in lately to how I can present an evening of solo guitar that represents my passions and sensibilities.
My idea is to keep it song based, playing jazz, country and rock tunes that I love as well as some of my original compositions. I plan to employ my Looper pedal occasionally when I want to play over myself. I’ve been preparing for nearly a year, working my brain in new directions while looking forward to these shows with excitement and a small bit of trepidation. I hope you enjoy being on this journey with me.”
- John Scofield