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Fundraiser campaign started to help Anita Wardell.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Daniela Clynes has set up a fundraising appeal for vocalist Anita Wardell, who is recovering from a major stroke. Details attached.

We have received the following information;

Anita Wardell - Recovering from a recent major stroke


Daniela Clynes has set up a fundraising appeal for vocalist Anita Wardell. Click HERE to read more and donate. Sending all our love to Anita and hoping for a speedy and full recovery.


“On Friday March 22nd 2024, during the interval of a gig where she was performing near London, Anita felt dizzy and collapsed. She was rushed to hospital by fellow band mates, whose quick actions thankfully saved her life.
She had suffered a devastating stroke which paralysed the right-hand side of her body, arm and leg; and left her with some speech difficulties.
Even while initially in an acute stroke ward, the hospital began physiotherapy and speech therapy just a few days after the stroke hit, to start the work on Anita’s gradual recovery.
Over the following days and weeks Anita has regained a significantly improved speech, particularly when she is rested. Now she has moved hospitals for more intensive physiotherapy to help her gain further physical ability.
Recovery is challenging and very slow, expected to take many months.”