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Gwyneth Herbert to provide soundtrack at Bird’s Eye View Film Festival

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Acclaimed vocalist Gwyneth Herbert is to voice the soundtrack to a screening of the silent film "The Patsy" showing at the National Film Theatre 10/03/2010 as part of the Bird's Eye View Film Festival

The following has been sourced from the festival’s website

The Patsy
+ specially commissioned live accompaniment from Gwyneth Herbert
Filmmaker: King Vidor

Marion Davies, Marie Dressler, Jane Winton

USA / 1928 / 78 min

NFT 1, Wed March 10, 6.30pm

Laugh-a-minute comedy with live accompaniment from jazz folk-diva Gwyneth Herbert.

?Have you always had so much hair?? croons lovelorn Pat (Davies) to Tony, but he’s already smitten with her dark-haired vampish sister (Winton). Poor Pat is the black (blonde) sheep in a conniving female-dominated household with only her curmudgeonly father to sympathise. However this Cinderella is more than just a beauty and it’s not long before her many other charms become apparent. A laugh a minute comedy.

Marion Davies
Fun-loving, former Follies girl Marion Davies was the best female clown of the silent era. William Randolph Hurst made her president of her own production company and admirers included Orson Welles and Charles Chaplin.

Gwyneth Herbert
?The jazz folk-diva with an awesome voice. Expect beguiling, powerful and often witty songs that strike an emotional chord!’ - Time Out

Gwyneth first broke onto the scene five years ago, when she was signed up by the Universal conglomerate as a jazz crossover artist. She soon struck out on her own, as a singer-songwriter and has garnered much success and acclaim.