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Peter Slavid - ‘European Modern Jazz’ on the radio playlist, first broadcast 30/05/2021.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Broadcaster & journalist Peter Slavid has forwarded details of the music played on his UK & European Jazz radio show on 30/05/21, which is available via a number of UK & international radio stations.

Peter Slavid writes;

Radio Playlist


Available now at

Francois Bourassa Remous Part 1 L’impact du Silence Effendi Records

Laupsa Lokomotiv Bass for Tog Reach AMP Music

Maria Grand Whabri Reciprocity Biophilia

Luciano Biondini/ Klaus Falschlunger Timelines Once in a Blue Moon self

Thomas Julienne Tomorrow Riots Theorem of Joy – L’hiver Deluge

Nezelhorns Red Ballet Shoes Sentiment Barefoot Records

Claudio Scolari Project Zenith Cosmology Principal Records

Dejan Terzić Chimaera Silent Dancer CamJazz

Braida/Locatelli Campanile From here from there We Insist records

Alex Paxton Prayer Like I know Music for Bosch People Birmingham Record Co.

Martial Solal Happy Birthday Coming Yesterday - Live at Salle Gaveau 2019 Challenge Records


European Modern Jazz on the radio;

At any time;


Weekly: 91.8 FM – West London Community Radio Sundays 12.00  Sunday/Weds 6pm Sundays 7pm Sunday 5am EST (Birmingham) Monday 7pm Sundays 10am Sundays 4pm


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